Jantex Burnout

2 part print paste that mixes at a 1 to 1 ration. Burnout chemically removes cotton fabric from poly-cotton blends leaving polyester only. After printing and curing, the garment must be washed with high agitation to remove the burnt cotton.

Jantex Dye Resist New

Print base that blocks dyed colors. Dye Resist gives unique tonal looks with a soft hand. Use on white cotton goods that will be over dyed with reactive or direct dyes. Not for use on pigment dyes.

Jantex DyeGain Conc EC

A ready to use print paste that allows for printing on white goods that are then over dyed with reactive or direct dyes. The printed area absorbs 100% more of the background dye which creates a 2 tone look on the garment. Use DyeGain Extender to cut the DyeGain strength to achieve more unique tones.

Crack Base & Crack White

Jantex Glitter Flakes

Available in a wide variety of colors, these flakes can easily add a bit of “glam” to your print. Flakes can be added to our Glitter Adhesive base and printed. Test prior to production for scratch resistance.