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The Jantex Matching System, JMS for short, is a Pantone like waterbase pigment matching system. The system is comprised of 12 basic colors which can be used in either our standard JMS Extender base or our JMS Discharge base for printing on darks. The use of this system allows for more accurate matches while saving time and reducing ink waste.

Built in Safety:
The JMS System has built in features to ensure proper use of the product. When pigment loads exceed binder which can result in poor crock, the software automatically recognizes the problem and suggests the proper amount of binder to correct the problem.

The JMS System also automatically calculates proper Parolite usage for Discharge and outputs any warning messages onto printed formula pages.

The System:
Bases: JMS Extender, JMS Discharge
Pigments: JMS Black 02, JMS Blue 03, JMS Blue 04, JMS Green 05, JMS Magenta 06, JMS Orange 07, JMS Red 08, JMS Scarlet 09, JMS Violet 10, JMS Yellow 11, JMS FLS Pink A1, JMS Royal A2
Auxillaries: Jantex Fixer F Extra, Jantex Lube JT, Jantex Softener JT2, Binder, Parolite

  • Easy to use interface
  • Ability to formulate for Extender or Discharge
  • Automatically calculates Parolite
  • Create & edit formulas
  • Print formulas & labels
  • Ability to change units of measure
  • Automated Safety features

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    Additive Selection
    Formulation Review
    Formulation Selection
    Warning Screen

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