Jantex Inks bases are designed to perform with superior results in the garment and textile industries. Selecting a high quality Jantex Inks base will help ensure proper adhesion, ease of use and overall print quality.

Jantex RFU Extender

Our most popular base!!! Jantex RFU Extender is a soft hand print base for waterbase pigments. It is an ideal choice for white and light ground garments. This base includes additional binders and auxiliary chemicals for excellent adhesion on 100% cotton and 50/50 blends.

Pro Discharge Base RB

Jantex Pro Discharge Base RB is a high quality base designed to be used as a dye stripping system. Used as is this base will give a “natural” or “tonal” look determined by the ground color of the fabric. By adding any of our JMS Pigments you can simultaneously strip the garment and recolor it in one easy step.

Jantex Discharge Base FS Sweet

Jantex Discharge Base FS Sweet is a premium discharge base designed to be used as a dye stripping system. This premium base incorporates additional binders for better adhesion, softening agents for a softer hand as well as a masking agent to reduce any odors that are normally associated with discharge printing. Jantex Discharge Base FS Sweet can be combined with any of our JMS Pigments for colored discharge prints.

Jantex Glitter Adhesive

Glitter Adhesive CA is an ultra-clear based designed for use with glitter flakes. This waterbase adhesive features a soft hand and good adhesion onto 100% cotton garments. Flakes can either be mixed into the base for printing or sprinkled on top. Not all glitter flakes are suitable for adhesion into a waterbase system. Please test prior to production!

Blockout Base K

A ready to use high opaque blockout base that provides exceptional hiding power on dark grounds.

Jantex Shiny Base

A clear extender base that leaves a “shiny” look on the garment. It can be used “as is” or add pigments for even more unique shiny looks.