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Binders - Thickeners - Softeners - Lubes - Cross-Linkers


Binders are the glues that “bond” the pigments to the fabric. There are a variety available that exhibit different properties. Straight acrylic binders are usually less expensive but may not impart as soft a hand as those blended such as styrene acrylic or acrylanitrile.

Jantex Binder 924

Straight acrylic, non-yellowing binder. Recommended for use in all standard aqueous print systems.

Jantex Binder 45 NRF

High solids, soft hand binder. Recommended for use in all standard aqueous print systems.

Jantex Binder PGD

High solids, soft hand binder. Good color yield. Recommended for garment dyeing applications.


Jantex Conc JTS

Conc JTS is a premium thickening agent. Needs high speed homogenization to completely shear product and optimize thickening. Recommended use is approximately 3-4% by weight.

Jantex Thickener TCN

Highly concentrated thickening agent. Smooth viscosity aids blending into print paste. Recommended starting ration, 2% by weight.


Jantex Softener JT3

High Solids emulsion designed specifically for compatability and maximum performance in all our aqueous systems. 2-3% by weight added to the print paste or RFU color greatly improves softness.


Jantex Lube JT

A humectant designed to improve the runability of water base inks. Add 4-5% directly to the print paste. Do not exceed 5% as over adding can effect the curing process.


Jantex Fixer F Extra

A non-formaldehyde cross linking agent that greatly improves wash and crock fastness. Add up to 3% maximum by weight to your print paste. It will also continue to post cure for up to 72 hours. Use within 8-12 hours after adding to the print paste as the post curing capabilities are greatly reduced over time. It can be re-added to ink without affecting performance.


Auxiliary additives are not always needed in a print paste formula. Please test your particular fabric type for suitability and compatibility before running production.